Vidnami Discount and Review

Do you want to get Vidnami with high discount? (If you’re looking for a content samurai discount, you should buy Vidnami. This is the perfect program, but the owners rebranded it in the summer of 2020. The features and software are exactly the same.)

Available discounts vary from time to time, but here is a list of where you can get the biggest savings:


Biggest discount:

You can get content samurai for $ 35 per month. There is a secret way that allows you to buy for $ 299 or $ 24 / month per year, but they removed it when they rebranded the content from Samurai to Vidnami.


This means that the biggest discount you can get at Vidnami is 25% off monthly, which you can get by clicking here.


Longer method of getting less annual discount than any big work. I keep doing this, so you can compare it to other “discounts” promoted by other sites and their discount process is no longer working and only the 25% discount link works.


Anything in italics under lengthy works.


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Watch the first upsell video and buy the samurai question for $ 3.

Watch the next upsell video to get the price of 7 297 per year for Content Samurai – it is per month. 24.75, which is much lower than the usual $ 49 / month price.

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